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Dúo Karma Will Perform in Uruguay

By: Redacción Cadena Habana

Dúo Karma will give a concert for all ages, with curiosities, humor, interaction with the audience and poetry on August 7th.

Septeto Santiaguero Filled the Castell de Dénia with Cuban Rhythm

By: Redacción Cadena Habana

Septeto Santiaguero gave a concert in Castell de Dénia as part of the Música al Castell cycle.

Acabaré: A Homage to Cuban Music

By: Katia Camejo Montpeller

Acabaré is a homage to Cuban music and also the proposal made by the Grupo Teatro Océano

Habana Mambo Festival: Music, Dances and Traditions

By: Cecilia Crespo

The Provincial Direction of Culture in Havana and MAMBO Producciones Artísticas announce the second edition of the Habana Mambo Festival.

Desde la Madriguera Once Again

By: Redacción Cadena Habana

The radio show Desde la Madriguera will take place this Friday 29th after 7:30 pm, at its usual venue: La Madriguera Theater.

A Very Cuban Concert

By: Grisel Chirino Martínez

The young Cuban pianist, composer and singer Lisa María Blanco will perform at the Minor Basilica of the San Francisco de Asís Convent.

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