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The Unforgettable Memory of Adolfo Guzmán

By: Jorge Calderón

The XV International Jazz Colloquium Leonardo Acosta in Memoriam paid tribute to the great Adolfo Guzmán.

A Song with Traditional Trova Flavor from Santiago

By: Pedro Norat Soto

Just as the Cloud and the Sun is the result of the artistic union of Pablo Milanés and Eliades Ochoa.

Special Concerts from New Orleans to Havana

By: Grisel Oquendo

Interview with Ernán López-Nussa about two concerts with the American musician Jon Cleary

The Proud of the Privileged Van Van

By: Guille Vilar

The orchestra that is in the heart of all Cubans.

That Group in its 50th Anniversary

By: Redacción Cadena Habana

The group Experimentación Sonora of the ICAIC was considered outstanding.

The Eternal Songs by José Valladares

By: Grisel Oquendo

José Valladares, Cuban singer and songwriter feels that Radio Cadena Habana is his second home.

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