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Sandro’s Powerful Talents

Date: 2022-04-25 10:02:50

Sandro’s Powerful Talents

The strings of his guitar accompany Lizandro Mir while composing and singing to love. The young artist has a couple of songs by himself that burn in desires to be heard by most.

Since he wakes up, he finds motivation to create new melodies and he knows that his dreams of being a professional musician will come true.

Nature has given Sandro, like everyone calls him, the gift of singing with excellence and conceiving beautiful pieces, preferring ballads and merging different genres. But the best of his talents is the optimism to walk through life with joy and to give color to every instant of those melodic pieces.

His childhood brought him his first encounters with music, while listening to his grandfathers (both on his mother’s and father’s side) play, being self-taught. He did not also manage to study at an academy, but he did stood out in school, family and friends’ events, and at several Casas de Cultura (A type of local cultural center).

His pass through several bands like Yuli y Habana C developed his artistic skills. However, his greatest opportunity arrived with the San Remo Music Awards Cuba.

Having been a finalist is already considered as a triumph for young Sandro, who does not stop playing his guitar; eternal companion of hopes and dreams.

Translated by Armando Hernández Vizoso 

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