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Aníbal Ramos Sings in an Italian Painting

Date: 2022-04-09 09:39:03

Aníbal Ramos Sings in an Italian Painting

Aníbal Ramos Mejías will always be thankful for being one of the sixteen finalists of the San Remo Music Awards Cuba.

When I met him, it seemed as if he had come out of a medieval Italian canvas. A painting with the countertenors of the Florentine court would be the ideal image for this enthusiast of baroque music, who comes from the province of Cienfuegos.

Since he was a child, he felt every melody deep down and his interest towards Cuban and foreign genres started to awake.

With his privileged voice and ample culture, he finished his studies as an art instructor in this specialty’s first graduation in the country.

His will to achieve exquisiteness has allowed him to maintain, since 2016, one of the two countertenor bands in the island. Though he feels in debt with Cuban music, he does not hide his admiration towards a time that has marked his career as the conductor of the male choir Cantores Claudio Monteverdi.

It is difficult to gather all the twenty singers of this band at a rural community’s cultural center. However, Aníbal Ramos loves big challenges and he has been presented with awards, along with his boys, in important national contests.

Though he does not prefer any specific genre, he feels a special attraction towards jazz. That is the reason why he is satisfied with the filing (Cuban form of the genre known as feeling) song that he performed in the San Remo Music Awards Cuba.

After this international contest, this inhabitant of Cienfuegos: Aníbal Ramos Mejías will never be the same. The magnificent event represented an inflection point in his life. He even seems to wink at me from the center of the painting with the medieval Italian countertenors.

Translated by Armando Hernández Vizoso

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