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Carlos Rene takes his chances on Cuban music’s radio station

By: Lilien Trujillo Vitón

Carlos Rene Delgado has come a long way from Holguin local radio stations, Telecristal, Radio Rebelde, and Prensa Latina to direct and host Enterese show in Radio Cadena Habana

Radio Cadena Habana celebrated the Listener Day

By: Lilien Trujillo Vitón

Radio Cadena Habana honored a 15 years tradition of paying tribute to its listeners

The Focsa building

By: Lilien Trujillo Vitón

Focsa building, the second highest concrete and steel building in the world for decades, is one of the seven wonders of Cuban modern engineering

Tribute to Benny More and Niño Rivera at Jazz Plaza

By: Lilien Trujillo Vitón

The XIV International Jazz Colloquium Leonardo Acosta in Memoriam paid tribute to Niño Rivera and Benny More

Take a look if you like electronic music

By: Lilien Trujillo Vitón

Second Eyeife Black Tears 2018 Festival to be held from next December 12 to 16

Inocencia: a heartbreaking story

By: Lilien Trujillo Vitón

Alejandro Gil’s movie Inocencia accurately recreates and helps to better understand the hideous crime of November 27 1871

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