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Date: 2018-05-16 07:42:59

Radio Cadena Habana

Radio Cadena Habana, current Cuban Music Station, aired for the first time on November 11, 1940. Initially, the intention was to form a chain with CMCH and CMCX (both owned by José Custodio Milagro Rumbaut and Lenza), idea that in practice did not come to fruition. Even so, the name remained for the story.

In its beginnings it was installed in the Palacio de los Deportes, in the neighborhood of Vedado, then it would be moved to Belascoaín and San José, in Centro Habana. In 1941 the programming turned to entertainment. Then emerged some spaces of great acceptance, mainly among the Spanish community based in Cuba. The station began to be known as La Onda Musical Española.

At the beginning of the decade of the fifties, Modesto Vázquez and Orlando Álvarez bought and modernized the station. In addition, they turned it into a radio station to broadcast only Cuban popular music, so it was known until the early 1960s as Radio Cadena Habana, La Emisora ​​Musical de Cuba.

This was the stage for the debut of performers who later achieved great popularity, such as Omara Portuondo, to name the best known of all. It was also common the presence of notable groups, such as the Conjunto Casino, the Sonora Matancera, the Latin Orchestra and the Castro Brothers. Some artists received their artistic pseudonyms here, among the best known is the mythical duo Los Compadres, originally composed by Lorenzo Hierrezuelo and Francisco Repilado, who were baptized as "Compay Primo" and "Compay Segundo", respectively, by Eddy Martin, announcer and presenter of a program that was carried out in the CMCH.

In those old studies, a chronic corajuda was written in the early hours of February 15, 1957, as the "March of 26", written by the combatant of the Moncada, Agustín Díaz Cartaya, was clandestinely recorded and quickly became the anthem. of the July 26 Movement, organized and directed by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz.

After the revolutionary triumph of January 1, 1959, Radio Cadena Habana served for several years as the parent plant of the network of stations in the former province of Havana, until August 1, 2010, when the National Assembly of Cuba approved a law to divide that territory into two new provinces, Artemisa and Mayabeque.

As part of that transformation, Radio Cadena Habana became again a station in the capital and rescued its traditional profile of music. In tune with its new social function, it was redesigned and updated its programming to make it more attractive, and look for options that would enhance the Cuban identity, in order to increase the audience through increasingly interesting proposals.
Since 2000, the station has launched its web page to cyberspace, which likewise redesigned its social function to promote the work of Cuban musicians and music, thereby contributing to the dissemination of Cuban reality and combating the distorted image of the work of the Revolution promoted by the enemy press.

We are located in the heart of the neighborhood of Vedado, in the municipality of Square of the Revolution; 15th Street Corner to J, with No. 210 on its facade. Postal Code 10400, Havana, Republic of Cuba.

Telephones: (537) 838-1670 (Slate)
Address: 7838-1484
Digital Drafting: 7832-4917
Transmission Cabin: 7838-1478 and 7838-1479

Its daily schedule is designed to spread Cuban music and culture, from 06:00 hours to 24:00 hours, with the greatest rigor and the presence of notable personalities from the art world.

Modulated Amplitude (AM): 1080 KHz
Modulated Frequency (FM): 99.9 MHz

Managing Director: Yolanda Paris Camino

Head of the Programming and Information Department: Miriam Isabel Rojas Calderón

Head of the Information Group: Dennys Medina la O

Digital Drafting

Chief Editor: Félix A. Bolaños Leyva
Editors: Aralís Gómez González and Francisco Martínez Chao
Webmaster: Mabel Peña Soutuyo
Translator: Pedro A. Fanego

• Pedro Norat Soto
• Odalys Padilla Gradaille
• Omar Echevarría Rodríguez
• Leticia Guerra Quesada
• Olivia Terry Carvajal
• Grisel Chirino Martínez
• María Regla Figueroa Evans
• Yeline Osorio Rivas
• Katia Camejo Montpeller
• Asalia Gort Peguero
• Lilien Trujillo Vitón
• Grisel Oquendo Biart

• Nancy Lescaille Torres
• Alba Márquez Rodríguez
• María Salomé Campanioni González
• Fernando Rodríguez Sosa
• Rafael Lam
• Jorge Calderón

Managing Director: Yolanda Paris Camino
Programming and Information Department: Miriam Isabel Rojas Calderón
Information Group: Dennys Medina la O
Digital Drafting
Chief Editor: Félix A. Bolaños Leyva
Editors: Aralís Gómez González y Francisco Martínez Chao
Webmaster: Mabel Peña Styo
Translator: Armando Hernández Vizoso

Telephone: (537) 838-1670
- 7 838-1484
Digital Drafting: 7832-4917
Broadcast Booth: 7838-1478 y 7838-1479
Web Site:

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