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Pablo de la Torriente Brau Awards

Date: 2019-12-10 15:26:38

The Cultural Center Pablo de la Torriente Brau has awarded two areas: music and visual arts

Regarding music, the contest Una canción para Teresita (A song for Teresita), for the 21 years of the creation of the space A guitarra limpia (Pure guitar). The first award was for Carlos Fidel Taboada, the second for Eric Méndez, and two more were given to Ángel Quintero and Ariel Díaz for a third award. Moreover, the jury recognized 8 good works of other young crators.

The jury was integrated by Silvio Rodríguez, Liuba María Hevia and the journalist and critic Joaquín Borges Triana.

Related to visual arts, the contest of poster design "20 years of Pure Guitar" (20 Años de A guitarra limpia); the jury agreed on not to award a first prize, but a second one for Annelis Noriega and a third one for Norberto Molina.

The Center Pablo de la Torriente Brau organized a cultural activity at Patio de las Yagrumas in the same institution. The winners participated and the troubadours Rita del Prado and Augusto Blanca.

The contest Una canción para Teresita (A song for Teresita) is devoted to Teresita Fernández in order to promote the trova songs and other tendencies of the musical world in Cuba.

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