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Huge, Popular and Successful the Festival "Chocolate with Coffee"

Date: 2019-12-10 15:30:41

Thirty concerts approximately of popular music and other attractions offered in five days in Guantánamo, was a total success. The 3rd edition of the Featival Chocolate with Coffee, which is celebrated every year and in 2020 will celebrate the 150 years of this city, as stated by its organizers.

Successful, both for the reception and for the number and quality of their activities, the Guantanameros described this chapter of the cultural event, an opinion that satisfies and encourages the creator, the popular singer-songwriter Waldo Mendoza, and who have collaborated since the beginning, and many others that have joined to consolidate this gift in the land of the changüí.

According to the local public and cultural managers, such as Yanay Pérez and Yoelvys Labañino, this is a very important event for the city, which nowadays is grateful for everyone, with figures and groups of national fame, the extensions of the program to other municipalities and good organization.

Since its conception, this comprehensive festival set out to grow on all four sides and has been achieving it, with Cuban music as a main course, other arts, traditions, and attractive novelties, such as the launch of a homonymous fragrance, achieved by the perfumer Clara Camallieri, with macerated essences of coffee beans, chocolate and vanilla oils.

The billboard of concerts had for all tastes and crowded the squares of the Villa del Guaso, and beyond, with the performances of Waldo Mendoza, Paulito FG, Yuly and Habana C, Qva Libre, Karamba, JG, Luis Franco, Raúl Lora , Luís Barbería and the PMM project and two Latin Grammys nominees: the Septeto Santiaguero and Cuban Sax Quintet, a luxury these nights in Guantánamo.

Some shows came to the two Universities in the territory, and other actions took place at the School of Music, the Pediatric Hospital and the Children's House without Family Support, and a selection of the best moments was broadcast live - from Facebook to the entire world. - by the producer Lía Videos.

The extensive schedule of these five days also included the tasting of cocktails of La Estancia SA, based on the fruits of the festival, and innovations with Cuban Ron products was promoted, the excellence of AltoSerra ciffee was also exhibited, and two auditions were held for the 1st time in this province for the popular television contest Sonando + in Cuba.

Numerous scenarios, figures and local ensembles were reopened backed by the EGREM Record House and the Musicuba Agency, and inaugurating the foreign participation was a representation of the Canadian art company Okokan, interested in providing cast and tour groups in future editions.

And "tasty until the last buchito ..." was Chocolate with Café, which closed this Thursday with a concert by Paulito FG in the Plaza Polifuncional, where figures and groups were also recognized for their support for the event, and the town met the eight Novel local singers selected at the casting of Sonando + in Cuba, chosen among the more than 130 auditioned.

This is a festival of town, of friends, to bring Guantánamo a lot of joy and make visible its rich culture. It has the support of many colleagues and institutions, and the 2020 edition will be in style in October - official date - to celebrate 150 years of this city that is for me, root, love, Cubanness, to which I thank part of my training as a man and artist, said Waldo Mendoza, honorary president.

Written by Yaymara Villaverde Marcé

Translated by Susel Esquivel

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