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Great expectations in Canary Islands for Omara Portuondo’s show

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Havana, Cuba. –There is great expectation in the Spanish Canary Islands for Cuban diva Omara Portuondo’s concerts, scheduled for next June 9 and 10. People are very eager to watch and listen to that living legend of Cuban music, who maintains and excellent range and color in her voice, despite her age of 86.

Omara Portuondo

This Friday, the former member of the legendary quartet “Las D’Aida” and famous orchestra “Buena Vista Social Club”, will sing at Santa Ana Square, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Next Saturday, June 10, she will be featured at Tenerife Leal Theater, as the so-called “girlfriend of Feeling” announced in her Facebook account.

Radio Cadena Habana found out that Omara Portuondo will be accompanied on stage by singer Olga Cerpa and Canary Islands popular music group “Mestisay.”

They will sing traditional Cuban songs and melodies from that autonomous region of Spain.

In the last few days, Canary Islands mass media, particularly radio and television, have been broadcasting highlights of Portuondo’s lengthy and successful career. This lady has become a true ambassadress of Cuban music.

By Francisco Martinez-Chao

Translated by Pedro A. Fanego

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